Man N Mountain | Norfolk, NE

Floor options

Floor tile options are truly endless in material and design. Designing tile floors can be as ornate or as simple as you choose. We want your floor to be both durable as well as the foundation for your rooms design. Is your space modern, rustic, eclectic, or contemporary? Let the tile lead the way to your inspiration.

When you are selecting flooring, it should be good for you as well as the environment.  In general, tile is great for allergy sufferers as dust & odors cannot be trapped inside it. It also makes it more difficult for mold to grow unlike other flooring options. Lastly it is good for the environment. Tile is eco-friendly (or a green-product). First many have been made with recycled content; secondly tile will last longer than any other flooring product so you won’t be replacing it as often.

If you like to change up the style in your home, add or change the area rugs, home décor, or wall color instead of replacing the actual flooring.